Is Dairy Really Good For You?

Did you know that the average Canadian consumes just less than a pound of dairy products per day? Yet, one in four Canadians women and one in eight Canadian men will have osteoporosis by the time they are fifty. Secondly, the five countries in the world that have the highest dairy consuming societies also have the five highest levels of osteoporosis. Why do you think this is?

Let’s look first at how bone is created in your body. There are two types of bone cells that are essential to proper bone growth, osteoblasts and osteoclasts. Osteoclasts break down and destroy old, sick, and dying bone cells. They resorb the dying cells and excrete them from your system. Osteoblasts, on the other hand, promote bone cell growth – they build new cells to replace the old ones. A good balance of osteoclasts and osteoblasts is what keeps your bones strong.

Prescribed medications such as Boniva or Fosamax actually destroy osteoclasts, resulting in an imbalance of these essential cells. As a result, the resorption of dying cells doesn’t occur and osteoblasts are building new bone cells on top of an unhealthy bone matrix.

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Garlic Health Benefits

Garlic is a relative of onions, chives and leeks. Its botanical name is Allium Sativum, and it belongs to the Lily family. Garlic has lot of different benefits for your health and it covers three of the major aspects of health which are a healthy heart, cancer prevention, and a powerful tool for infection prevention.

I love garlic! I eat it in almost everything and to be honest even if there were no benefits to it – I would still eat it all the time. But the wonders of garlic is what keeps most people chomping on this powerful food – like the fact that it can help prevent and fight extreme illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

We all know that garlic is beneficial as it has been one of the most popular natural remedies of all time to this day. Because it is a well known food it is even acceptable to the most sceptical people when it comes to natural health and supplements.

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Handy Tips Looking For Chiropractic Care

The technique of chiropractic care, which is around for a number of years, helps relieve back discomfort. Surprisingly enough, not a lot of people make the most of these doctors. It’s something that’s present with get pain within your back by stress or working way too hard. Individuals are often unaware of how good and simply chiropractic care can address this pain. Keep reading and you’ll learn what you ought to know about this.

Dont expect miracles on your first trip to a chiropractor. You can find temporary relief immediately, only with continuous care are you able to start to heal. In case a certain program is required by the chiropractor, be sure you stick to it carefully. If you don’t, your results may let you down.

Try exercising frequently should you be experiencing difficulty with the back. Being lazy will just create the issue worse than it already is. While you wish to boost your degree of physical exercise, avoid things that may result in a lot of strain in the offending area.

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Dysphagia Or Swallowing Difficulties

Dysphagia is the clinical term for swallowing problems. Swallowing is simply something that happens to most people without needing to think of it, yet dysphagia can impact all individuals of any ages, from newborns to senior people.
At the back of the mouth is the throat.  Below the vocal cords we have two flows, one for air (the trachea) as well as one for food and also fluid (the gullet). Just one is supposed to be open each time, to make sure that we quit taking a breath for a short period when we swallow and then begin taking a breath promptly after that.
Swallowing is really among the most complex activities that our body needs to do. First, the brain needs to plan out the whole action and then inform at least thirty pairs of muscle mass what to do. This is called a motor program or electric motor plan.
Food is chewed in the mouth to the point that it is risk-free to ingest. Food or fluid requirements are steered to the back of the mouth as well as into the vocal cords, preparing to enter into the gullet. This prompts the area around the larynx (the ‘voice box’) to be pulled up. It is all connected and safeguarded by muscular tissues as well as tendons.
Feel your throat as you take a swallow if you want to appreciate this activity.
As the throat is pulled up, it drags up a tiny flap of skin called the epiglottis which covers the respiratory tract. The airway is likewise secured by the vocal cords which close, and also some things called the false vocal cords above them, so that usually there are 3 layers of security for the air passage.
As the airway is covered, the entry to the gullet (the sphincter) opens up as well as food is promptly maneuvered right into the opening. From there, the esophagus moves the food to the belly, in an activity over which we have no control, by gravity.
The oesophageal sphincter then shuts as well as the airway opens – and breathing continues.
Every person knows the sensation of something that choking sensation. Generally, we have the ability to cough and splutter till we remove whatever it was. This is lucky because food going down the wrong way can trigger choking, and also liquid in the air passage or lungs can trigger infections as well as pneumonia. After that, this is called aspiration if food or liquid permeates the larynx and enters the air passage.
Other troubles occur when the swallow is not launched (started), or if the air passage is not covered, or if it is not covered quickly and also completely. If a deposit of food or liquid is left in the pharynx after the swallow, it could slip right into the air passage seconds later when we breathe or talk.
Sometimes children might have trouble swallowing from birth. Or they might have a health problem of some kind that needs an alternating method of feeding, as well as swallowing after that may be established later on if in all possible. For the majority of the lifetime ingesting problems happen because of crash or condition, such as traumatic brain injury or thyroid shortage). In senior individuals ingesting is much more prevalent, especially when an illness is present or people are unhealthy.
Frequently after a surgical procedure, elderly people are specifically prone. In ‘the olden days’ most people could die because of a hip fracture, for instance, because they aspirated fluid which led to pneumonia. Along with coping with the pain, as well as having inadequate mobility, being unable to sit up right, individuals are often well-medicated these days as well and this makes the brain much less able to make a motor program and bring it out properly.
Senior people who are weak go to high danger for dysphagia. The elderly in household centers or retirement home, as an example, who typically have actually limited movement and also communication skills, have to be monitored closely for ingesting difficulties.
The medical professional responsible for identifying and handling dysphagia is a Speech Pathologist. A Speech Pathologist can examine, take care of and also refurbish ingesting.
A Speech Pathologist could utilize a mix of sources, relying on modern technology readily available. In some cases, clients may have access to fibre-endoscopy with an ENT professional, where a probe can be placed to see if there are physical problems. A video-fluoroscopy can be executed in a health center or radiography center, where a moving X-ray could be taken while a client swallows. More often a Speech Pathologist could do a bedside evaluation or a hand-operated evaluation in a clinic, where they could feel and also observe ingesting of various consistencies of food and also liquid. This is frequently done with cervical auscultation where the swallow could be paid attention to with a stethoscope.
Speech Pathologists can give workouts that will enhance or work with a swallow. Sometimes the ingest is managed by recommending food or liquid that is risk-free for a person to eat.
Referrals ought to constantly be adhered to. If swallowing is not taken care of well, the dangers are severe. When they eat and consume alcohol, excellent ingesting management will certainly make sure that people are as risk-free and also as comfortable as possible.

The Secret Of Hidden Sugar

Sugar is bad news these days, and we are overindulging in sugar often without realizing. OK, so we have replaced our coffee sweetener with Stevia or an artificial sweetener, but more and more people are still developing diabetes. Why is that, and more importantly, why do so many people find it difficult to lose weight. Do hidden sugars have anything to do with this situation?

Hidden Sugar and Sugars

The problem isn’t so much the sugar we put in our coffee. The truth is that we can very much control the sugar that goes into our coffee or tea, we can even choose to have a sugar free drink. The biggest problem and the reason why we develop diabetes type 2 is down to the hidden sugars in food. You may think that healthy bowl of muesli that you have in front of you, does not have  sugar added, but it is probably packed with sugar. This is just one example of hidden sugar in the food, but the scary fact is that you will find it in many other foods as well.

Most Common foods with hidden sugars:

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Memory Pills Can They Help?

Memory pills, do you actually need to take them? Just like any other supplement, the need to take a particular supplement to improve your health is individual. But, if you are suffering problems with concentration, find learning difficult or have age-related memory problems, you should consider taking so-called memory pills.

What is a Memory Pill?

The description is somewhat misleading, but good brain health can be associated with memory enhancing drugs. The thing is, memory is an excellent indicator of the brain’s general health.

To understand why memory is such a good predictor of the brain’s general health, it is important to know where memory is located. It may sound odd that what appears to us as images, sounds and even smells, have its own home in the brain.

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What is Lactose Intolerance

Lactose is a sugar found in dairy products, the most common carbohydrate found in milk. For some people, it is impossible or tough to digest this type of sugar as their small intestine is unable to process and break the sugar down into simpler forms that can later be absorbed into the bloodstream. This happens because the body lacks an intestinal enzyme called lactase, which is usually found naturally in the small intestine and has a function of breaking down lactose into easily digestible sugars called glucose and galactose. It is estimated that over five percent of the world’s population suffers from some degree of lactose intolerance and cannot digest the milk sugar lactose.

Signs And Symptoms That Indicate Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance usually causes unpleasant abdominal pain, followed by cramping, bloating and release of gas. It is important to identify the symptoms specifically as lactose intolerance by monitoring the symptoms and tracking eating patterns. Once it is diagnosed, the intolerance is not an unsolvable problem. On of the first symptoms is abdominal pain that you cannot connect to any other cause or medical condition. The recommended thing to do if you experience persistent abdominal discomfort is to monitor what you eat and how your body reacts to eating dairy products so you can connect your symptoms to lactose intolerance.

The next sign that indicates potential lactose intolerance is passing gas (flatulence) while feeling very bloated along with nausea and possible diarrhea. The last symptoms are not as frequent but are easily connected to the inability to digest lactose if you are experiencing no other health problems. It is quite important to monitor your food intake keeping in mind that symptoms usually occur up to two hours after drinking milk or eating dairy products.

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How I Was Able to Lose Weight After My Baby Was Born

baby fatAfter my second baby was born, I worked really hard to lose all of the weight I had gained. I tried a few things and was able to see results. I was so happy that I was able to lose the weight.

The first thing that I did was I quit driving when I didn’t need to. I walked everywhere. I had a double stroller that I could put my two young kids in. I walked to the grocery store, to my friend’s house and even to the doctor’s office.

I was walking between 2-3 hours a day. I started to see results pretty quickly. It was hard to get started but once I got into the routine of walking, it came easily to me. It got to the point that I would go weeks without driving my car.

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What Are Downers And What Are They For?

downersDowners are a group of drugs that all have similar sedating qualities. The word downer is an umbrella term that includes benzodiazapines, barbiturates, and alcohol. Downers are also sometimes referred to as tranquilizers, hypnotic sedatives, or depressants. Because of the widespread social use of alcohol, it is often considered its own class of drug.

The common denominator for downers is their effect on the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. GABA is responsible for calming the central nervous system, slowing heart rate, breathing, and inducing sleep. Effectively, it works to counter the effects of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, and the two work in conjunction to maintain proper heart rate, and alertness. Too much norepinephrine can lead to a number of anxiety disorders and can be responsible for ‘panic attacks’, and so downers are often prescribed to treat these conditions.

Narcotics and opiate based pain killers are sometimes lumped together with downers. While opiates do produce a sedating effect on the body, they do not directly effect the neurotransmitter GABA and are therefore a different class of drugs.

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Why Entertain A Mini Gastric Bypass?

mini gastricWhile the old fashioned route to weight loss will include the use of strict diets and exercise there is another method which is available for people who are morbidly obese. This route is called weight reduction surgery. There are many different surgical procedures which fall under this umbrella. You will find that one of these is called mini gastric bypass surgery.

Of the many different weight reduction surgeries that are possible you will find that mini gastric bypass surgery is considered as being one of the better ones to have. The reason for this is because of the least amount of surgical invasion which occurs. This statement simply means that instead of having a large cut performed on the stomach the surgeon will make a small incision.

With the aid of an instrument called a laparoscope the surgeon will see where the mini gastric bypass surgery needs to be performed. The laparoscope will show via the attached camera the walls of the stomach. This allows the surgeon to staple the entire stomach into the shape of a narrow tube. This tubular stomach is then attached to a part of the small intestines.

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