How To Enjoy The Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

chia seedsSo much has been written about the health benefits of chia seeds, and they have a huge following. By now, most health enthusiasts are aware that chia seeds are full of fiber, a good source of ALA and can perhaps even help to lower cholesterol. Yes, you can by all means add them to your morning cereal, and sprinkle them on your porridge, but how else can you add them to your diet?

Chia Seed Gel

If, you are an IBS sufferer, you should include Chia seeds in your diet. This little trick actually works with flax seeds as well, and is how scientists extract the crucial gel which Chia seeds contain. This gel is full of nutrition and at the same time very similar to the lining of your bowels. It can help to protect your bowel and make intestinal transition easier.

The gel has another purpose as well. Once you have made the gel, you can even use it as a topical lotion. It is very rich in anti-oxidants, and can help to soothe skin conditions such as eczema. All you need to do is to scoop up some of the gel and apply it to your skin. It has a really cooling effect, and will make a skin rash less irritating. It also forms a protective barrier against dirt or any unwanted particles getting trapped in your rash.

This is what you need to do to extract the gel: Place two table spoons of chia seeds in a clean glass, and cover with water. It needs to be quite a bit of water. The water will turn into gel in about 12 hours, and all you need to do is to scoop it up. You can now eat it or apply to your skin.

Add Chia to your food

Chia seeds taste a bit nutty when you add them to your food. It doesn’t matter if you crush them, they will still retain their goodness. A couple of ideal dishes to add your chia seeds to are rice dishes, stir-frys and soups. Heating up the seeds will not harm them in anyway, but the action of the heat will release the flavor of the seeds.

Another great way to use chia seeds is to bake with them. Instead of adding nuts to your cake, you can easily add chia seeds or even sprinkle your home made bread with chia seeds. A nice cake made from chia seeds and yogurt will be deliciously moist and very tasty. A good flavor combination for chia is vanilla, and fresh vanilla pods can be bought almost everywhere these day.

You could probably produce your own chia seeds quite easily, but to make it pay, you would have to grow a lot. I have never heard of anybody having a chia seed garden, but there are certainly alternatives.

If, you have a cat or a dog in your home, you may want to grow a planter of chia seeds. Your dog and cat will love you for because instead of your normal kitty grass, you will find that your fury friends will love your young chia.

Growing chia is easy. Fill a square planter, or other planter, with compost and sprinkle the chia seeds on top. Cover with a thin layer of compost and water very gently. Place a clear plastic bag, or clingfilm, over the planter and leave in a sunny spot in your home. Wait for a few days, and watch the miracle of chia start to grow. It will look like a grass, and most pets are naturally attracted to it.

Chia grows quickly and if it becomes too tall, it could be a nice idea to let it grow on. The flowers will attract important pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Sometimes when a new health trend is announced, we are quick to rush out and buy the latest products. The problem is, after a while it becomes boring and we loose interest. There is no need to loose interest in chia seeds, and the health benefits of chia seeds. Add them to your daily healthy living routine, or grow them in your garden. There are many ways for you to enjoy chia seeds.

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