Memory Pills Can They Help?

Memory pills, do you actually need to take them? Just like any other supplement, the need to take a particular supplement to improve your health is individual. But, if you are suffering problems with concentration, find learning difficult or have age-related memory problems, you should consider taking so-called memory pills.

What is a Memory Pill?

The description is somewhat misleading, but good brain health can be associated with memory enhancing drugs. The thing is, memory is an excellent indicator of the brain’s general health.

To understand why memory is such a good predictor of the brain’s general health, it is important to know where memory is located. It may sound odd that what appears to us as images, sounds and even smells, have its own home in the brain.

Our memories are located in and made up in a part of the brain called the Hippocampus. This section of the brain is able to be accessed by both hemispheres of the brain, and this is one of the reasons why memory is the best brain health indicator. When both hemispheres work well, our brain is healthy.

The Hippocampus receives information from the brain’s cortex which works like a processor. It sends out information to the various parts of the brain and knows exactly where it needs to go. The amazing thing is that you don’t even need to worry or think about it, the cortex just gets on with the job. Once the information reaches the Hippocampus, it takes a look at it and automatically files in where it thinks it is appropriate. Being able to file information correctly is another sign of good brain health.

Sometimes when this function does not work properly, we get a “foggy” feeling and start experience confusion. A lot of people have started to refer to it as “Brain Fog”.

How Can a Memory Pill Help?

Yes, the right pill can help, and natural drugs are better than conventional drugs. Conventional drugs only mimic natural substances, and the brain finds it harder to work with them.

Many leading pharmaceutical companies are working on developing pills for memory loss. Just like any other new drug, they are looking to nature for assistance and hope to be able to copy natural molecule chains.

The problem is that most of the time we can’t replicate a natural substance correctly, and this is what leads to side effects in the drug industry. How to increase memory and improve brain health is the current race in the pharmaceutical industry as more and more people are beginning to suffer from poor brain health.

Can Memory Improve?

Yes, we can take both supplements and vitamins to improve memory. Memory improvement is now the Holy Grail of science, and knowing what vitamin is good for memory is important.

Vitamin B is an essential part of all conventional and natural drugs associated with brain health. This vitamin group gives our brain the energy it needs to be able to produce memories and is also related to the healthy functions of our senses. Our senses – hearing, sight, taste, smell, touch – provide input from which the brain produce memories in the first place.

Vitamin E is also essential, and this vitamin helps to reduce and control inflammation in the brain. Knowing what vitamins help memory is just as important as recognizing which vitamins help our circulatory system.

How to Boost Memory

Memory improvement can be supported by vitamins and natural supplement, but it can also be backed up by the right kind of exercise. Most of us take our reading ability for granted but we shouldn’t.

Having trouble reading and retaining what we have learned is a sign of early memory and brain problems. More and more people suffer from memory problems. The main culprit is poor nutrition but pollution and failing to exercise our brains both have a bearing on the brain health.

Our memory is not as good as it should be. Most of the time we don’t worry about remembering things anymore as they can be “looked up” on the Internet. We rely on computers to remember things for us, but our own personal RAM function could help us to remember better if we only let it.

Children learning the multiplication table is a good way to increase our own RAM, but doing crosswords and jigsaws along with puzzles will help as well. Yet, we seldom seem to have the time to spend on such activities.

Perhaps we should change our attitudes to our brains, and remember that they are there for life. If we look after our brains, they will help to care for our minds and bodies.

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