The Secret Of Hidden Sugar

Sugar is bad news these days, and we are overindulging in sugar often without realizing. OK, so we have replaced our coffee sweetener with Stevia or an artificial sweetener, but more and more people are still developing diabetes. Why is that, and more importantly, why do so many people find it difficult to lose weight. Do hidden sugars have anything to do with this situation?

Hidden Sugar and Sugars

The problem isn’t so much the sugar we put in our coffee. The truth is that we can very much control the sugar that goes into our coffee or tea, we can even choose to have a sugar free drink. The biggest problem and the reason why we develop diabetes type 2 is down to the hidden sugars in food. You may think that healthy bowl of muesli that you have in front of you, does not haveĀ  sugar added, but it is probably packed with sugar. This is just one example of hidden sugar in the food, but the scary fact is that you will find it in many other foods as well.

Most Common foods with hidden sugars:

Fruit Juices, Yogurt, Tomato sauces, Margarine, Cereal, Muesli, Ready, Made Low Fat Meals, Cereal Bars, Energy drinks, Smoothies,Bread,Soup


Do We Need a Different Approach?

At the moment the focus is very much on the consumer to try to avoid hidden sugars. But, if this is such as big problem, shouldn’t governments be taking action against food suppliers? It might be a good idea if we had a warning on the packet which told us very clearly how much sugar the food product we are about to buy contains.

It is really about time that we made food producers part of the process and made them responsible for the food they produce. Food producers should be encouraged to remove sugars from the food and make it clear to consumers that the food actually contains sugar in the first place. Most producers are trying to find a way around the issue, and change the names of sugars. You may see Agave in the packet instead of sugar, but it is still a sugar which can cause a health problem.

What Can We Do To Help Ourselves?

The first thing we should do is to familiarize ourselves with the many different names of sugars which we find in the food industry. The list is rather long, and it might be a good idea to keep it with when you go food shopping the next time.

Not only should we try to avoid sugars, but we should also take some steps to protect ourselves. For instance, there is a whole range of vitamins and minerals which can help us to control our body sugar level, and we should supplement our diet with them.


Natural sugar is slightly brown, and that is because it contains chromium. We like our sugar to be white, so the chromium is removed from the sugar during the manufacturing process. This is awful news for the consumer as chromium helps the cells in our bodies to use sugar (glucose) efficiently. Chromium is actually rather hard to absorb through the diet, and nearly all diabetes type 2 sufferers are deficient in chromium. Once, they start adding a chromium supplement to their diet; their blood sugar balance becomes much better balanced. It would be a good idea to take a chromium supplement of 200 Mg every day. It will not build up in your body as any excess is excreted in urine.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is a group of vitamins, and 92 out of 100 people are deficient in the vitamins in this group. It is a rather frightening statistic as all of the vitamins in this group are necessary for energy. They work as a team, and without each other, our body cannot produce energy. On top of that, they are responsible for breaking down and digesting food, and of course, part of our food intake is made up out of sugar.

If our vitamin B levels, and intake of this group of vitamins, were better, we would be less likely to suffer from diabetes type 2. We would be able to feel better, have more energy and not have to turn to that daily chocolate bar for an afternoon energy boost.

Knowing why sugar is bad for you is important, but it is equally important to know what we can do about it. Cutting out sugar these days is tough, but we are trying to do our best. It is also vital to try and support your body and make sure that you add a supplement or two that is beneficial.

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